2013 Reflections…Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


2013 was an interesting year. We had a good gardening season… asparagus, artichokes, tomatoes, peas, sweet potatoes, tomatillos, peppers, and Nick’s favorite, (NOT!) …okra! Later in the fall we got a HUGE crop of raspberries. Lucas and I did taekwondo all summer & Lucas spent most of the summer swimming in Back to Back Swimming Lessons. He is now at level 3…YAY! We took our first family camping trip—- to the Ozarks—with our German Shepherd, Ari—first to Mark Twain National Forest. It was beautiful, but we did not escape without massive ticks all over!


Playing with bugs in the National Forest…no iPad, no phones….just nature!

(Above) Swimming in Mark Twain Nat’l Forest and (below)

1014842_10151643454572052_1865176833_oa break from campfire food at Table Rock Lake and a boat ride around….

After not seeing a soul for 20 miles in any direction for 2 nights we headed South to Table Rock Lake for some civilization and a hot shower! Then we went to Eureka Springs, Ark. What a cool, eccentric place!
Resting in a grotto in Eureka Springs….


Lots of Photographic opportunities! It’s built on a series of wooded terraces…with hidden pathways, grottoes, and hidden Victorian gems…and lots of really good food!

1014842_10151643454562052_504862457_oA “typical” B&B in Eureka Springs….LOVELY!

Lucas admiring the view coming down a path in Eureka Springs.

A few steps from here, we found an all local eatery that welcomed our dog on the porch to dine with us. Everyone in this whole area was very dog friendly!

1064043_10151643449842052_866793407_oAn example of “Yard Art” in Eureka Springs.

streeteurekaAnother picturesque home…..

I returned home to tend my own garden…this summer was much more forgiving!


With Lots of opportunities to take pics…Lucas took the one of me above!


(Pinata Rose and Cardinal Rouge clematis growing up the sideof the house…)…We also built a Grape trellis and installed over 100’ feet of wood fencing…two 80lb. bags of concrete per post…

Lucas always loves helping!….and eating the rewards! Here he is hoping these grapes grow rapidly….they are his favorite fruit!

1399399_10151941383822052_1606182753_oYUM! Raspberries!


I got into rose collecting when I met a rare rose Collector in Lawrence. He gave away a number of his roses to me, some of which are almost unheard of…but many had amazing fragrance you just do not have in modern hybrids .



As usual…we got a great Lavender crop, too.
Lucas is doing great in School. To our surprise, despite his “spoken word” challenges and eccentricities…he is the top speller in his class and gets a A on every spelling test! He also loves math…thank goodness! He is now a red belt in Taekwondo and that means he might be eligible to test for black next December. He and his mom went to the Ozark Invitational tournament in early December (a week ago) and stayed at the nearly empty Tan-Tar-A resort…it was single digits on
Tournament day! He did great!
Winter Break will keep me busy working on the JCCC Student Literary Magazine.
We had some superb student artwork this year that deserves some great recognition!
We continue to take care of Lucas and Anna, my Mom’s Siamese cats…Lucas at 10 years old rules the cat roost!

Love and Best Wishes for the New Year!

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